Hey Mama:
Does Having a Newborn Feel
Than You Imagined?
If you’re like the vast majority of new moms you’re probably thinking, “YES!!!"

You probably spent most of your pregnancy daydreaming about how blissful it would be to finally spend time with your newborn.

And with all of the moms around you telling you how wonderful motherhood is…
who could blame you? 

But Now That Your Bundle of Joy is Here, 
Things Look a Little Different.
Here are some thoughts that ran through my head as a new mama:
  •  I feel ashamed (and a bit inadequate) because I'm the mom and I'm supposed to know all the answers…but instead I feel pretty much clueless.
  •  I'm completely exhausted… and I can’t figure out how & why the other moms always seem so happy and full of energy.
  •   I worry that I'm a bad mom, and that being a good mom just doesn’t come naturally to me.
  •  I worry that other moms are going to judge me for my decisions on breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and all of those other “controversial” decisions that come with motherhood.
  •  I've gathered advice from so many people, blogs, magazines, and other sources that I just don’t know what to believe anymore!
  •  I wish that someone (preferably with a LOT of experience and compassion) would take me by the hand and help me stop stressing and actually enjoy making memories with my baby! 
Do you relate to any of those thoughts and feelings?
If so, know that you're not alone (and know that it's not your fault!)
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  They Say the first few months are the hardest...
So then WHY doesn't anyone talk about it? Why's everyone so secretive about their struggles? Where's all the support and resources? 

It’s completely normal for a new mom to feel overwhelmed during the 4th Trimester (AKA the first three months after baby) but not because these months need to be difficult. 
It’s because you spend your time & energy trying to live up to standards and advice given by traditional medical professionals, well-meaning friends & family members, and all the mommy bloggers! 

Everyone's opinion is so different and you don't know who to believe or trust.
You feel unsure about yourself and your decisions.

So you try doing your own research, but even though there’s a
TON of information out there about new motherhood…it’s scattered all over Google, 
written from differing opinions, and it’s too time-consuming & energy-draining to read it all. 

Of COURSE you’re feeling frazzled instead of calm. This ongoing cycle makes finding meaningful answers to the questions that are important to you pure guesswork. 

You want to raise your child as naturally as possible and the truth is you have all of these people around you who mean well but are giving you crazy advice that sounds anything but natural!

I've got you, Mama.
Look, I know it may seem impossible right now but it’s true - you can stop googling. You’ve found what you’re looking for. 
My name is Corinne Brown and in just a moment, I'm going to introduce you to an enjoyable, easy-to-follow manual that I know is going to ease the anxiety, stress, & exhaustion of being a new mom. 
It's like a step-by-step instruction manual for new moms!
This manual is full of proven, real-life, naturally based advice on the five most important aspects of life with a newborn. As a former Naturopathic Doctor, mom of two and a Labour Doula, I have more than a little experience with this ;)

I want you to know how being a New Mom is supposed to feel so you can actually relax and enjoy these short-lived precious moments with your baby.

That’s why when you absorb and use the proven tips and information inside this thorough yet compassionately presented instructional guide you'll: 
  •  Feel present and positive during every minute you get to spend with your newborn…instead of feeling like you're deep in the trenches and missing out because you’re constantly in “zombie mode"
  •  Confidently make the right decisions regarding your baby’s sleep, breastfeeding, immunizations, and other critical topics 
  • Be empowered to make choices about yourself & your baby that feel great to you & work for your family
  •  Enjoy making wonderful memories with your baby instead of constantly worrying that you’re doing something wrong
  •  Be able to actually stay awake and focused throughout your day and make all of the responsibilities of motherhood look easy!
Doesn't that sound better than the stress-fest you're living with now? 
Of course it does! I’m completely excited about helping you get the best experience out of your 4th trimester just like I have with hundreds of other new moms who – like you – felt like they were at the end of their ropes! I don’t want you to be anywhere near the end of your rope. 

When you dive into this online instructional manual, you’re going to get absolutely everything you need to make your first three months with your baby extraordinary. 

It’s perfect for binge-watching while your bundle of joy sleeps on you (hey, you wouldn’t dare move off the sofa and disturb the baby anyway). Or, if you’re the more methodical type, you can follow along week by week (I’ll even send you emails each week telling you which sections we’re focusing on). 

But since I know you’ve gotten TONS of advice from other people already, you’re probably asking yourself...
Why Take Advice From Me? 
Well, I already mentioned that I’m a former Naturopathic Doctor and a doula, and that I have two kids of my own. But I haven’t shared this – I’ve already been through much of what you’re dealing with now… and I completely understand feeling overwhelmed (and sometimes full-on anxiety).
I remember one day when my son was on his 3rd straight hour of crying. I was banging my head against a wall because I knew he was trying to communicate what he wanted… but I just wasn’t getting it and we were both getting VERY FRUSTRATED!

I felt helpless, worried, stressed and sometimes even full of rage! But he cried despite it all. And then it hit me…I realized that ME being upset because HE was upset wasn’t making anything better!

I started tuning in, researching and documenting everything I could about how to have a calm, connected, happy, healthy newborn. I was committed to having the best experience possible and to take feelings of stress and being overwhelmed out of the equation (for both of us)!

It took a LOT of work but eventually, I was able to figure everything out. 
And almost magically, motherhood went 
from stressful to blissful. 

He was happy…I was happy…and those months became literally more special to us than I’d ever hoped and dreamed! Now I’m committed to “giving back” by helping other new moms – hard-working, wonderful mamas like you – experience that same bliss.

The amazing techniques I teach are literally at your fingertips… right now!
Your Instructional Video Training to a Natural, 
Blissful 4th Trimester with Your Newborn.
This straightforward guided manual is designed with your busy schedule in mind. In these eye-opening modules, you’re going to learn everything you need – from the basics to the complicated stuff – to take care of yourself and your baby as naturally as possible! 

This proven training is set up in simple-to-understand modules where everything is broken down into bite-sized chunks. I know that time with your child is precious, so I’ve designed everything so you can fit the training modules in between feedings and diaper changes (of course, everything’s instantly accessible online anytime you want, so binge watching at 2am is always an option too!) 
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Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting with 
The New Mama Manual:
Postpartum Pointers
You’ll learn tips that’ll help you ease into motherhood, including:
  •  How to heal your perineum quickly & “bounce back” in record time.
  •  Gentle, loving ways to welcome your baby into this world.
  •  How to minimize the effects of postpartum depression.
Rookie Parenting 
If this is your first baby and you’re scared you won’t know what to do:
  • You’ll learn how to hold and soothe your baby like a pro (this is super-handy at 3AM when your baby is going full steam).
  •  You’ll find out everything you need to know about baby bums, diapers, rashes, homemade wipes and powders, and much more.
  •  You’ll get tried, tested and proven relationship advice (including re-discovering sex!) with your partner!
Infant Immunity & Vaccination
Develop your baby’s immune system properly for optimal lifelong health:
  • You’ll learn the 4 quadrants of the infant immune system that help your baby naturally develop a strong, healthy immune system.
  •  You’ll find all the information you need to make an educated decision about vaccinating your baby.
  •  You’ll access an alternative vaccination schedule & detox plan to help minimize the risk if you choose to vaccinate your little one.
Breastfeeding & Baby Bellies
Learn how to nourish baby the right way for you:
  • You’ll hear an eye-opening interview with Dr. Jack Newman about the ins and outs of breastfeeding.
  •  You’ll find out the whys and hows of dealing with gas after feeding (whether you’re breastfeeding or not.) 
  •  You’ll learn how to make feeding on the go easy for those jam-packed days when you and baby are on the go.
New Mama Sleep Secrets 
Sleep is SO important and I’m going to teach you how to get more!
  •  You’ll get to sit in on my expert interview with Dana Obleman on the topic of infant sleep. 
  •  You’ll learn how to get your baby’s days and nights squared around so you can actually get some rest when the sun’s not shining. 
  •  You’ll learn how to recognize when your baby is overtired (and what to do about it)
Get The New Mama Manual Today and You’ll Also Get
These 3 Amazing Bonuses…
Quick + easy ways to soothe your baby, relieve blocked gas and much more! Use these points acutely when baby's in pain, or incorporate into your daily bedtime routine. You can learn these simple techniques in minutes, but will probably use them for years.
Natural and effective tools to boost your mood and overall health in the postpartum period. Use essential oils to avoid medications & interventions, especially while breastfeeding. These can be diffused in the air, working in the background, balancing mom & baby.
Get my personal “Rolodex” of postpartum support partners. These high quality brands are the best of the best and are giving awesome discounts to my New Mamas! No matter what you need, you’ll find the perfect resource to help you over in the New Mama Resource Guide.
Corinne, It’s only been 2 days but I already feel like a 
completely new woman! Things got really dark for a bit there, 
and you snapped me out of it & helped turn things around. 

What's funny is that once I started to relax, 
my baby became a lot less fussy, too. 
I feel like that can't possibly be a coincidence?! 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Sara & Baby Ben :) 
Why keep living with stress and uncertainty? 
Fully experience every moment with your little one 
with all of the health and happiness that you both deserve

You worked so hard in the delivery room. Now it’s time to do something nice for yourself! Treat yourself to The New Mama Manual now!

And there's MORE!
Join Me LIVE.
And when I say join me, I mean it...literally. When you join the New Mama Manual, you will gain instant access to the exclusive New Mama Facebook Community. 

Once per week in the FB group I host LIVE Office Hours where you can ask questions and I'll answer them! This is direct, ongoing support throughout the duration of the program. 

In this amazing, uplifting group, you can reach out and connect when you feel like no one out there gets it. WE get it. Don’t try to do this alone. It’s WAY easier with support. 

Don’t Worry – You’re Protected by My 30 Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee
Look, I don’t want you to worry about whether The New Mama Manual is everything I say it is. So I’m giving you a full 30 days to try it out for yourself. If you don’t agree that it gives you everything you need to make your first three months with your newborn spectacular or you’re just not thrilled for any reason at all let me know within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund every penny! 
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