Is Having A Newborn
W-A-Y Harder Than You Imagined?
Introducing My FREE Upcoming Webinar
The 4th Trimester
5 Sanity-Saving Secrets
to Have a 
Happy, Healthy Newborn

I hear you Mama, I've been there. 

And I want to share what I've learned
to help you ease into motherhood
and have a 
more positive postpartum than I had.

In This LIVE Webinar I Share My 5 Fave New Mama Secrets 
So You Can Have An Amazing First 100 Days With Your Baby.

The 5 SANITY-SAVING Shifts Include:
Uncover the simple mindset shift that will help you reduce postpartum anxiety so you can stay calm, positive & present with your baby.
Learn how to easily eat to reduce baby's gas, meet your New Mama nutritional demands AND (the best part) make postpartum meals a total no-brainer.
Discover why sleep is so hard to come by with a newborn so you don't go nuts from exhaustion. Ohhh the sleepless nights. Get relief & resources on the call.
And so much MORE.
Hey, I'm Corinne Brown.
And I can show you how to have an easier postpartum. 
As a Labour Doula with a background in Naturopathic Medicine and a mom of 2 little boys, I have had my fair share of experience with the challenges that face postpartum mamas. 

That's why it's my mission to empower you to make your postpartum as easy as possible. 

I created this webinar to give you a solid foundation to best manage these challenging next few months of New Mamahood. 

These 3 big SHIFTS that will elevate your mood, your energy, and your presence so you don't miss a drop of these sweet, sweet newborn days. 

See you over on the webinar, Mama. xo. 
OH, AND P.S....
When you attend LIVE, you get instant access to my free e-book:
The Infant Crying Guide
7 Reasons Newborns Cry & What to do About It
When baby cries for unnecessarily, 
it directly impacts YOUR mood, energy & overall postpartum experience. 

Attend the webinar live, get the free guide, have a happier postpartum.
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