You don't want interventions in your birth...
But what about your POSTPARTUM?
Introducing My FREE NEW Webinar
The 4th Trimester:
the 3 things your doctor's not telling you about the first 100 days with your baby AND how to make important decisions that will benefit your baby's health forever

There are SO many important decisions to make about your newborn - and it's critical to make them intentionally. 

I created this webinar to help you navigate these topics
with clarity & confidence

In this LIVE webinar I share 3 BIG Things Your doctor isn't telling you
about the first 100 days postpartum

The 3 Big Secrets cover topics like:
How babies are naturally designed to work...
and how we are messing it up for them.
You DO have a choice...
And here's why it's critical you actually, intentionally make one.
How to NOT be scared...
What to expect and how to keep a positive mindset through it all.
And so much MORE.
OH, AND P.S....
When you attend LIVE, you get instant access to my free e-book:
The Infant Crying Guide
No one wants their baby to cry unnecessarily.
Get the cheat sheet with the top
7 reasons newborns cry AND what to do about it. 
Attend the webinar live, get the free guide, have a happier postpartum.
Hey New Mama.
What's your plan to keep baby healthy after birth?
I created this webinar to give you, New Mama, a foundation to understand the infant body and how to optimize health in the 4th trimester.  

Because if you just allow default medical care, your baby may turn out to be less healthy than s/he would have been otherwise. 

This is what I'm CONSTNATLY being asked by new (or soon-to-be) moms: "Should I do this intervention, or not???" 

That's right, the interventions continue on after birth into the postpartum period. Learn which interventions they are, and if you should do them...or not! :) 

Join me LIVE over on the webinar, Mama. xo. 
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